Meet 11year old boy from Russia who has eyelashes that are almost 2inches long.

Muin Bachonaev from Russia his eyelashes could touch his lips when he was born. They are 1.7 inches long now.

Muin’s Father Zaidullo Bachonaev said to daily mail “We showed him to different doctors and were told that he was okay and healthy”.

He also added “They said that the gene responsible for his eyelash growth worked differently from usual.”

Medical experts say the gene can be influenced by the drugs a woman takes usually during a pregnancy.

11-year-old boy's eyelashes are almost two inches long

Muin said to daily mail he want to live like everyone and there is no need to take special care of his eyelashes. He is more comfortable by living with long eyelashes.

Muin is listed in the Russia books of Records for having long eyelashes in the Country.

Muin also added he wants to become a football player in the future.

11-year-old boy's eyelashes are almost two inches long

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