China Develops Lower limb rehabilitative robot

According to the China science daily on Monday, China has developed a lower limb rehabilitative robot which will be soon comes for clinical use.
The Lower-Limb Rehabilitative Robot was developed by the Avicrobot, a high tech company focusing on service robot development in China.
According to He Chen, General Manager of Avicrobot, this Rehabilitative Robot integrated with aviation technologies with traditional rehabilitation treatment. It can monitor patients in real time, which helps optimize rehabilitation therapy.

China Develops Lower limb rehabilitative robot

It also uses flexible composite materials and 3D printing technology, allowing patients to customize it and use it to sit, stand, and walk.
“The robot is about one-fourth cheaper than imported ones,” He said.
The robot has completely independent intellectual property rights including the software design, the appearance, and the control method.
For developing the robot, Avicrobot also cooperated with Xijing Hospital in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.They jointly launched a rehabilitative robot research center, aiming to provide more data support for such robots.

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