This is Christine. Ever thought a mental disorder like schizophrenia will be a fortunate source of plentiful income? 
No, right. Even the same with me until last year. 
Mood Swings similar to a Bipolar mind which got developed in my adultery made something really strange and miraculous in my routine life.
 At the age of 21, I started my career in one of the Tech Giants of the world. (Names not mentioned because of Confidential reasons). Worked in the same place for more than 5 years with brought me lot of stable up growth in my pay scale and not in my happiness. 
Yes,  the handsome pay that I was getting there was sufficient enough to keep me highly motivated in my work. But I started losing my own myself. Completed covered with loneliness and stress made the situation difficult. Things were fine for the 1st 2 years,  but then many difficulties started to burst out in my office space. 
I started witnessing the signs of mental illness because of Tons of work,  high pressures from superiorities not only in the workspace but also personally.  I slowly got into Insomnia, the disorder which will never let you sleep properly. Started taking drugs for sleep and Stress Relief. Then started the actual trouble. 
Got highly addicted towards drugs which were introduced to me by one of my ex-colleague. Alongside,  the increasing workloads and pressure made me fall mentally ill. 
How peoples are mentally affected
Once,  it was a late night where my mind is not accepting to sleep and various stressful thoughts roaming around my mind. Suddenly, witnessed a high stroke pain in my brain and unknowingly I attempted Suicide losing my Mental Balance. My Roommate Jane noticed me attacking myself with a knife stopped me and with help of others admitted me to hospital. The life which I got now is because of Jane. Lifelong Thanks to her. 
After recovery decided to quit my job. My health and my mental balance became my first priority. Started reading many Motivational books and listening many great inspiring speeches. Slowly,  my thought process got improved and started realizing the real purpose of life.  
After understanding the concept of life and living, I started to find a way where I can share my knowledge with them and even make them Happy and actual human Being rather living a robotic life. In my search, once an organization who treat mentally disturbed people invited me to address a speech for their members. Spoke about few important aspects which I learned in my journey. Amazed by the response I received,  started an idea of making it a profession. 
Early understanding of the concept of living things
Then started my new career in the field of sharing Happiness and Joy. Started taking motivational sessions to the needy,  being a mental consultant to many patients and lot more like that. Today,  a single session of mine at least make 20,000$ and that’s a decent income to supporting me financially.
Yes,  making money and being rich is one of my goals but not at cost of my life. 

I strongly believe,  “Not Only Goal but also the journey to achieve it should be beautiful“.
And,  “Decisions should be made by Choice, not Situation. Situations may change but a choice never changes“.
Thank you for this delightful opportunity to share my story with all you guys. Let’s see the life the way it is meant to see. 
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