Scientists developed Worlds first 3D color X ray on human body

Hereafter say no to Black and white X rays, see the World’s First 3d Color X-ray of a human bodies.

Phil and Anthony Butler, a father and son are also a scientist duo from New Zealand developed this 3D color X-ray (a MARS spectral scanner). The scientists who made it possible Phil and Anthony Butler were the scientists behind this breakthrough technology.

MARS Bio imaging (their own Company) was linked with the Universities of Otago and Canterbury which helped to develop this MARS spectral scanner.

To produce colored 3d X rays, they combined computer algorithms and Medipix3 technology.

Medipix 3 works like a camera, it will detect and records each individual particles hitting the pixels when the shutter opens. This in turns allows getting high-resolution pictures.

Our black and white scanners, only records the X-ray which passes through our body but this MARS spectral scanner records the precise energy levels of the X-ray when it passes through the body. The image can clearly show the difference between the bones, muscles. It also makes possible to show the size and placement of tumors.

3d xray researc

“So far researchers have been using a small version of the MARS scanner to study cancer, bone and joint health, and vascular diseases that cause heart attacks and strokes,” says Anthony Butler

Our old conventional X-ray was not helpful apart from diagnosing bone fracture but it could n’t show and differ this all bones, muscles. But this new invention surely will play a major rule in the future.

By using this scanner we can clearly see the place and size of tumors, location of bones, muscles, lipids and soft tissues.

This color X-ray technique can able to give a clear high-resolution picture and helps doctors to give their patients more accurate diagnosis.

This Colour X-ray imaging technology will now have clinical trials run on orthopaedic and rheumatology patients.

They are seeking now to commercialize the 3D scanner. However, based on the success of these clinical trials, it may take some more time before colored X-rays are available at a diagnostic centre near you!!

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